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    CityLink TV App Instructions!

    KDAO is proud to announce you can watch all of our events on the CityLink TV App! The App is available on Roku, Apple TV, Android TV and Amazon FireTV. We have instructions below.

    Roku TV

    1. Search for Watch City Link TV – Then Download the Citylink TV App
    2. Open the App, on the bottom search for Marshalltown-KDAO Online
    3. Select as a Favorite

    Apple TV

    1. Open Apple TV to the Main Home Page
    2. Go to the Blue App Store Icon and Click on it
    3. Then Search for Watch Citylink TV (It will display as Watch City Link TV “Official City Link TV APP) Then Download it to your Apple TV. 
    4. Open the City Link TV App and then scroll down to settings, go to TV Set Graphic on the Right. When you click on it, a list of stations will come up. then scroll down the list to select Marshalltown-KDAO Online and it should then be saved as one of your favorite Channels. 

    Amazon Fire TV and Android TV

    1. Search for Watch City Link TV, Download the Citylink TV App and open it.
    2. Then add Marshalltown-KDAO Online channel