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    Tennis Results

    Union 9 South Hardin 0
    SH Jaidyn Teske lost to Alexa Weber  10-11 (4-10)
    SH Emma Spieker lost to Belle Weber  6-10
    SH Peyton Benson lost to Ellie Behrens  2-10
    SH Mary Brady lost to Madelon Rathe  1-10
    SH Madisun Salazar lost to Sophie Winklepleck  2-10
    SH Elizabeth Stanish lost to Miya Uchiyama-Hansen  0-10
    SH Teske/Spieker lost to  Weber/Weber   8-10
    SH Benson/Salazar lost to Winklepleck/Behrens   2-10
    SH Brady/Stanish lost to Rathe/Laura Rempe   0-10
    Coach Swartz thoughts.
    Rematch goes strongly to Union.  Several very long matches. in the cold breeze.Teske at #1 singles loses a 2 hour match in tie-breaker 4-10, however vast improvement over first meeting.
    Spieker coudln’t find her groove this time at #2 losing another long match 6-10 #1 doubles lost a heartbreaker 10-8 after being in control up 8-5.